xuman records
Label / Studio
Rus / Eng




  • Acoustic Spaces

Studio A - main room - 93 m2
Studio A - mixing room - 25 m2
Studio A - 2 non-acoustic rooms 4 m2
Studio B - main room - 35 m2


  • Preamps

16x TL Audio Tube M4
2x Shadow Hills Mono GAMA
2x NEVE 1073 CV
2x Chandler Limited Germanium 500
2x A-DESIGNS AUDIO P-1 Pacifica
4 channel API 3124+
2 channel TL Audio 5052
1x UA LA-610
1x giraffe 1176


  • AD/DA

2x Lynx Aurora 16
2x RME Fireface 800


  • Monitors

KS Digital D-808
KS Digital ADM-22
KS Digital C-88
KS Digital C-120 Coax
Dynaudio BM6A (old edition)
Avantone MixCubes


  • Mics

Neumann AI 87
2x Octava МКЛ-5000
2x Coles 4038 Ribbon
2x Royer Labs R-121 Platinum Plated
2x AKG C 414 XL II
2x Audiotechnica 4050
Heil Sound PR40
Heil Sound PR30
Heil Sound PR35
3x Shure SM57
2x Octava МК-012
Octava МЛ-52-02
Nevaton МК51
4x Sennheiser MD421-II
Akg 2000b
Ev re 20
Ev 868


  • Combos

Bad Cat Black Cat
Devided by 13
Ampeg Heritage B-15N
Hartke HyDrive 410+LH1000
Malboro 15


  • Drums

Bass Drum 20
Snare Drum 14x4,5
Toms: 10, 14.

Gretsch American Custom
Bass Drum 22
Snare Drum 14x6,5
Toms: 10, 12, 14, 16

Ludwig Keystone
Bass Drum 22
Snare Drum 14x6,5
Toms: 14, 16, 18

Ludwig Classic Maple Snare Drum 14x7


  • Cymbals

Zildjian A-custom Crash Brilliant 16,
Zildjian A-custom Hi Hat 14,
Vault Ride 20,
Vault Hi Hat 14,
Vault Crash 18,
Paiste Twenty Hi Hat 16
+ different stuff


  • Light Equipment

4× lightmaXX LED BAR 8 Sector 8x RGB
3× lightmaXX Platinum LED MINI PAR
2x Involight bar led 308
4x Involight bar ledspot 95
5× Eurolite LED PST-15W QCL DMX
2× American DJ Pinspot LED Quad DMX

Fog Machine with nice fog liquid
Disco Ball 50 sm with nice engine


  • Other

PRESONUS StudioLive 32.4.2 for monitoring
PRESONUS StudioLive 24.4.2 just in case:)

Acoustic shields by Krutorogy (2 big and 4 middle)

5 pairs of different headphones as Sennheier and Bayerdinamics.

Some of the old synths like JX8P and Электроника ЭМ-25
Some of the new ones like  Virus Ti, Moog Minitaur...

On special occasions we can supply: Fender Presision 1986 and PRS 20th Anniversary Custom.

All commutation by Mogami with Neutriks.

We have swing in the acoustic room, and there are lots of random artefacts could be found in the storage.