xuman records

Xuman Records Label Info

Xuman Records music label is a family. We seldomly take new artists aboard. We are searching for new family members by ourselves or taking them from the beloved artists that answer our musical and human demands such as honesty, openness and total pleasantness.

First of all we are a sound production company. It’s our prime activity and the main income source. We are not a major label and we don’t sign such one-sided agreements for the moon.

Xuman Records releases ‘listener-friendly, but not cliche’ indie music with english lyrics.
We don’t hypertrophy our catalogue, preferring quality not quantity. There is no sense in sending us demos for the release. We release only what we have dealt with. Anyways, we can always make any sound production for you.

There are several partners and distributors we work with, though we are always ready for a new breath-taking cooperation!:)

Feel free to contact us info@xumanrecords.com