xuman records
Label / Music Production

Xuman records studio info

First of all Xuman Records is a sound production company. We produce music in all meanings for quite a while. We have a nice suburban studio with 300 square meters of pure creativity.

We’re specialized in making indie music of all kinds and we totally love doing it!


We are:

Sasha Xuman - ceo/music producer/songwriter (@xumanmusic)

Svetlana Prorvich - manager/pr (@svetaxr)

Daniel Kostov - songwriter/music producer (@daniel_kostov_social)

Maxim Makarychev - music producer/songwriter (@maximonthego)

Korney Kretov - music producer/sound engineer (@atari_matari)

Mikhail Morgunov - music producer/sound engineer (@first_mohican)

Kate Posadneva - assistant manager (@kateposadneva)

Vyacheslav Paltsev - technical engineer

Feel free to contact us: